Roof Repair Tools Every Roofer Uses

Damaged Roofs?

You can consider climbing up there to perform some repairs yourself if your roof is starting to look worn. Avoid acting on that inclination; it is best to leave roof repair or replacement to professionals in the field. Each repair work demands knowledge, as well as particular tools and supplies. The most crucial roofing tools for repairs are listed below:

Shingle Remover

Since it’s difficult to remove the old roof shingles, it’s best to use some leverage. In order to remove them from the roof sheathing, shingle removers slide between the shingles and pry them up (the plywood layer that the shingles are nailed to). The long handles of these removal tools allow you to exert a lot of leverage while remaining still. They swiftly strip old roofs quickly.

Roofing Nailer

If speed and convenience are important to you, a decent nail gun can be the perfect roofing tool for you. This air-powered apparatus can be used to secure a course of shingles. They are essentially required for a two-man job to be successful. The first roofer can put the shingles while the second roofer works in tandem with the nailer to secure them. The scope of time it takes to finish a roofing project can be considerably reduced by this approach.

Tape Measure

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a reliable tape measure, particularly while working on a roof. Choose a tape measure with a large stand-out, which is the maximum length it can extend before snapping, and a large hook for holding onto surfaces without using your hands. It will be used to put out straight, even, and consistent courses of shingles. A 25-foot model will be sufficient for the majority of roofing jobs without being too big or heavy in a nail bag.

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