Get Professional Roof Replacement at the Sight of Skylight Problems

Damage That a Leaking Skylight Can Cause

Living with a leaky skylight can be risky and can result in significant property damage. This tutorial was created to assist you in comprehending the risks associated with a skylight leak, their causes, and how to avoid them in the future. Call a specialist for roof replacement or repairs as soon as you discover a leak or the first signs of damage.

There are several reasons your skylight can start leaking. Here are a few things you should keep an eye out for when it comes to your skylight:

Damaged Flashing

The flashing seals your skylight’s connection to the rest of your roof. This flashing will function as a watertight barrier when it is in good condition. The flashing, however, may begin to rust or crack over time. Your skylight may develop minor leaks along the edges as a result.

Weather Damage

The skylight may sustain damage from poor weather if you reside in a region with frequent storms. The skylight’s surface may break. Many of these fractures will let drips of water into your home, even if many are not deep enough to pierce through the entire skylight.

Blocked Weep Holes

The glass borders of skylights are riddled with tiny holes. Weep holes are the term for this. These weep holes allow water to exit your house if condensation develops inside your skylight. The condensation may end up dripping into your home if these holes are covered by trash.

Improper Installation

Skylight leaks can occasionally be the result of poor installation. It is probably the reason for the leak if you notice it immediately. You should contact a professional and ask them to return to fix the issue.

Lack of Insulation

Even though your skylight may occasionally develop moisture (which is why weep holes are there), it shouldn’t be a major issue. You might need more insulation if you detect condensation on your skylight on days when it doesn’t rain or snow, though.

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